Yogability Australia

Empowering participants with Mindful Yoga Care &
Mindful disability support

Why Choose Yogability Disability Support

Our disability support programs have been designed to empower participants with stress management strategies & healthy lifestyle skills.

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A Conscious approach to disability support

At Yogability Australia we believe that participants & people with disabilities should feel happiness & empowerment.

We strive to encourage all kinds of wellbeing through our NDIS approved programs.

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Educate to Empower

We believe that teaching and encouraging participants to take better care of themselves mentally and physically helps to facilitate positive change.

Access Yogability Disability Supports

Yogability disability supports include Yoga, meditation, hygiene skills & food education. Delivered online or by one of Yogability Australias MYCarers.

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Disability Support

Mindful Yoga Care disability support programs.

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Plan Management

Make managing your NDIS funding easier with a Yogability Plan Manager.

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Disability Support Delivery Platform

Online disability support delivery system.

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Yogability is a proud NDIS provider

Yogability Australias NDIS Programs and disability supports are forward thinking and progressive.

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Group Sessions

2 to 4 hour Group MYCare education session available at various centres where participants have fun learning with friends.

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Mobile NDIS Support

Yogability Australia carers are happy to travel to deliver the MYCare sessions in participants homes or within the community.

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One to One

Our one to one 2 to 4 hour MYCare sessions are designed to improve the quality of life of the participant.

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Support Coordination

Yogability works with plan managers and external organisations to facilitate positive disability support programs.

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Yogability NDIS Programs & Services Empower Participants

Yogability Australia programs have been designed to empower both our Carers & Participants.

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MYCare Programs

Mindful Yoga Care programs empower participants to take better care of their body and mind.

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YogaRoo teaches participants how to have a healthy and hygienic body through interactive fun lessons.

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Mindfulness & Meditation

Participants are taught how to use mindfulness and meditation to self soothe regulating emotions.

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Hygiene Skills

Participants are empowered with Hygiene skills enabling them to better take care of their bodies & home.

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Food Education

Each session participants learn the skills to create a delicious healthy smoothie preparing and enjoying.

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Fun Games

All the Mindful Yoga Care sessions are taught through interactive challenges making it fun for all involved.

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Empowering those with intellecual
& physical disabilities

Disability support with a difference

We have creatively intertwined the therapeutic qualities of yoga & meditation, with healthy eating and hygiene skills to create well rounded disability support programs that increase community participation.

As experienced carers we know that good habits formed in youth make all the difference. Our education sessions are designed to empower the participants with healthy lifestyle skills through fun and interactive challenges. This keeps the participants engaged and excited for the next session.

Yogability programs are suitable for a variety of physical & intellectual disabilities including:

  • Autism
  • Down Syndrome
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Schizophrenia