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Flametree Yoga Studio a Yoga Centre with Studio Classes
Woolner NT
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Read about the Flametree Yoga Studio a Yoga Centre with Studio Classes in Woolner

Flametree Yoga Studio a Yoga Centre with Studio Classes Woolner

Flametree Yoga Studio teaches in-studio yoga classes in Australia at Darwin CBD, and Woolner. Check out more below about why Flametree is a top Darwin yoga space. Almost all classes are simultaneously LIVE online and in-studio.

Mindful Yoga Carers please use the below details to contact the Yoga Centre about the facility or scheduling a Mindful Yoga Care session in the Yoga Centre. Feel free to use the public class booking link to book in a class with the Yoga Centre.

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Yoga Centre Classes

Thank you for your interest in attending the Yoga Centre. You should have received an email with a link to our participant details form, if you are an NDIS participant and would like to access this Yoga Centre through us please complete this.

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Yoga Centres & MYCare Explained

Yoga Centres are Mindful Yoga Care Location Providers

Yogability Australia partners with various Yoga Studios & spaces to facilitate locations where NDIS participants signed on to our service can access Mindful Yoga Care (MYCare) within the Yoga Centres.

Yoga Centres facilite Mindful Yoga Care delivery assisting with program activities, these activities could include:

  • Yoga & meditation
  • Breathing exercises
  • Group & individual skills development
  • YogaRoo reading challenges
  • Healthy lifeskills development
  • Healthy habits development
  • Social skills development
  • Independence development

Feel free to submit an enquiry through the button below to request more information. Yoga Centre attendance can be arrange upon request where a Mindful Yoga Carer will take participants to and from the Yoga Centre activities.

Attending a Yoga Centre Explained

Attending a Yoga Centre with a Mindful Yoga Carer

In order to attend a Yoga Centre participants will need to be signed on to Yogability Australia & be currently receiving our Mindful Yoga Care program.

Participants will be picked up and taken to the Yoga Centre by a Yogability Australia Mindful Yoga Carer or Trainee to participate in program activities.

Participants will need to have budget for minimum 4hours to attend a Yoga Centre. Participants will have the option to catch public transport to the facility with a Mindful Yoga Carer or Trainee.

Yoga Centres facility hire for MYCare

Mindful Yoga Carers Hiring Yoga Centres

Yogability Australia's Mindful Yoga Care program involves yoga meditation and healthy lifestyle skills development through our MYSchool platform.

Often MYCare is delivered in parks, in participants homes & in community. Sometimes participants circumstances and the weather mean that MYCare supports needs to be delivered in an external facility.

Some Yoga Centres can be hired by Mindful Yoga Carers using additional expenses allocated to deliver MYCare supports in the facilities. Bookings need to be made in advance and discussed with the Yoga Centre facility.

MYCare & Respite Disability Support Explained

MYCamps NDIS NDIS Respite Retreats & MYCare Disability Supports Sessions Explained

To attend one of our MYCamp weekend respite adventures you need to attend with one of our Mindful Yoga Carers.

MYCare sessions are disability support sessions with a difference. Our MYCarers provide healthy lifestyle skills intertwined into disability support sessions.

Sessions are minimum 2hrs and can be delivered online and in physical sessions including the following:

  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Participating in community activities
  • Personal development
  • Food skills development

Disability support sessions can be delivered online & in community. A typical session could include doing a yoga session, working through a personal development exercise, preparing a healthy smoothie or snack and going for a walk in nature.

NDIS Registered Disability Services

Our NDIS Funded Disability Services

Yogability Australia is a registered NDIS provider and delivers our NDIS funded programs Australia wide. Our supports are designed to improve the daily living of participants.

Our Core & Capacity Building NDIS funded disability supports & services include:

  • Assistance with self care
  • Improved Daily Living
  • Participation in Community, Social & Civic Activities
  • Individual Skills development
  • Individual Social Skills development
  • Overnight NDIS Respite Short Term Accommodation

Supports are personalised and are tailored to help participants reach their support goals. Give us a call or click the button below and submit an enquiry.

Flametree Yoga Studio a Yoga Centre with Studio Classes Service Areas

Flametree Yoga Studio a Yoga Centre with Studio Classes Mindful Yoga Care disability service provider Woolner service areas

These are all postcodes within the given radius: 0820 Woolner (0 km) 0820 Parap (0.6 km) 0804 Parap (0.7 km) 0820 Bayview (0.8 km) 0820 Stuart Park (0.9 km) 0820 Fannie Bay (1.4 km) 0820 The Narrows (1.4 km) 0907 Winnellie (1.7 km) 0906 Winnellie (1.7 km) 0820 Raaf Base Darwin (1.8 km) 0820 The Gardens (1.8 km) 0820 Ludmilla (1.8 km) 0820 Eaton (1.8 km) 0821 Winnellie (1.9 km) 0820 Charles Darwin (2 km) 0822 Winnellie (2.1 km) 0820 Cullen Bay (2.2 km) 0820 Larrakeyah (2.2 km) 0820 Winnellie (2.5 km) 0820 Darwin (2.7 km) 0800 Darwin (2.7 km) 0801 Darwin (2.9 km) 0820 East Point (3.3 km) 0820 Darwin International Airport (3.6 km) 0810 Coconut Grove (4.4 km) 0812 Marrara (4.9 km) 0820 Coonawarra (4.9 km) 0810 Millner (5.2 km) 0810 Nightcliff (5.4 km) 0810 Jingili (5.5 km) 0812 Northlakes (5.7 km) 0828 Berrimah (5.7 km) 0814 Nightcliff (5.7 km) 0810 Moil (5.8 km) 0812 Anula (5.9 km) 0810 Rapid Creek (6.3 km) 0813 Karama (6.4 km) 0812 Malak (6.5 km) 0812 Karama (6.6 km) 0810 Alawa (6.7 km) 0812 Wulagi (6.8 km) 0810 Wagaman (7 km) 0811 Casuarina (7.3 km) 0815 Charles Darwin University (7.4 km) 0803 Wagait Beach (7.6 km) 0810 Casuarina (7.6 km) 0828 Knuckey Lagoon (7.7 km) 0810 Wanguri (7.7 km) 0822 Wagait (7.8 km) 0810 Brinkin (7.9 km) 0812 Woodleigh Gardens (7.9 km) 0822 Wagait Beach (7.9 km) 0812 Holmes (8 km) 0812 Leanyer (8 km) 0810 Nakara (8.1 km) 0810 Tiwi (8.4 km) 0829 Pinelands (8.9 km) 0810 Lyons (9.3 km) 0810 Muirhead (9.3 km) 0830 Durack (10.3 km) 0829 Holtze (10.8 km) 0830 Driver (10.8 km) 0830 Marlow Lagoon (11.1 km) 0830 Palmerston (11.3 km) 0830 Yarrawonga (11.4 km) 0810 Lee Point (11.4 km) 0830 Gray (11.6 km) 0830 Farrar (11.7 km) 0812 Buffalo Creek (11.9 km) 0831 Palmerston (12 km) 0830 Woodroffe (12.2 km) 0832 Gunn (12.2 km) 0830 Archer (12.4 km) 0830 Moulden (12.6 km) 0832 Rosebery Heights (12.8 km) 0832 Bakewell (12.8 km) 0832 Rosebery (13.1 km) 0830 Shoal Bay (13.2 km) 0832 Bellamack (13.6 km) 0832 Johnston (13.9 km) 0832 Zuccoli (14.3 km) 0832 Mitchell (14.9 km) 0822 Belyuen (15.9 km) 0834 Virginia (16.4 km) 0835 Howard Springs (16.7 km) 0822 Delissaville (17.2 km) 0839 Coolalinga (17.7 km) 0836 Girraween (21.1 km) 0836 Humpty Doo (24.3 km)

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