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NDIS STA Respite Retreat
Port Stephens NSW

Experience a Mindful Yoga Camp NDIS STA Respite Retreat to Port Stephens

Read about the MYCamp NDIS Respite Adventure to Port Stephens

NDIS STA Respite Retreat Port Stephens

The Port Stephens Mindful Yoga Camp Respite Retreat is an unforgettable experience. Enjoy some beach yoga and a range of activities including Sand boarding, Camel riding and 4 wheel driving! Best arranged in small groups. Prices are based on NDIS price guide for the staff ratio unless otherwise specified.

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Thank you for your interest in our MYCamp NDIS Respite Retreat. Please click the above button to download our MYCamp brochure. You will have received an email with a link to our participant details form, if you would like us to send through a MYCamp proposal we will need you to fill this in if you haven't already. Please book in a time for us to give you a call at the below link to discuss the MYCamp further.

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MYCamps NDIS STA Respite Retreat Adventures

Mindful Yoga Camps Short Term Accommodation Respite Adventures

Yogability Australia provides Mindful Yoga Camps Weekend Short Term Accommodation Respite Adventures to various locations around Australia. Our Respite Retreat Adventures involve participants getting out into community socialising & developing independence.

Our NDIS funded Mindful Yoga Camps Weekend Respite Adventures include things like:

  • Yoga & meditation
  • Accommodation costs
  • Community activities
  • Beach days
  • Healthy food skills development
  • Social skills development
  • Independence development

Feel free to submit an enquiry through the button below to request more information. Retreats can be arrange upon request or you could attend one of our scheduled Mindful Yoga Camp Respite Retreats.

NDIS Respite Short Term Accommodation Explained

NDIS Respite Short Term Accommodation Explained

Our Mindful Yoga Camps Short Term Accommodation Respite Retreats are fully funded respite adventures. These respite adventures are aimed to improve carer & participant relationships whilst providing fundamental skills development for the participant.

Participants will be picked up and taken into shared accommodation options in the proposed location for the period of the proposed respite. The participants and carers will participate in various community activities to develop capacity and connection between the participants & carers.

The overnight respite adventures are aimed to provide families with breaks from caring for a dependant that is differently abled whilst increasing the participants quality of life and independence.

NDIS STA Respite with a Mindful Yoga Carer

MYCamps Overnight Respite with a Mindful Yoga Carer

Yogability Australia runs various 2 to 14 days short term accommodation respite retreats upon request. Retreats can be arrange for groups of participants or participants can attend upcoming MYCamps with other participants.

In order for us to arrange a Mindful Yoga Camp a Yogability Australia Mindful Yoga Carer needs to attend the overnight respite with the participant. This is best arranged with participants who are already receiving Mindful Yoga Care programs from a Yogability Australia Mindful Yoga Carer.

Upon expressing your interest please schedule a meet and greet call with us to discuss availability of the MYCamp Short Term Accommodation Respite Retreat.

If you aren't receiving our Mindful Yoga Care disability services then we can arrange an online or in person meet and greet to discuss options / logistics of the applicable MYCamp.

MYCamps & MYCare Disability Support Explained

MYCamps NDIS NDIS Respite Retreats & MYCare Disability Supports Sessions Explained

To attend one of our MYCamp weekend respite adventures you need to attend with one of our Mindful Yoga Carers.

MYCare sessions are disability support sessions with a difference. Our MYCarers provide healthy lifestyle skills intertwined into disability support sessions.

Sessions are minimum 2hrs and can be delivered online and in physical sessions including the following:

  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Participating in community activities
  • Personal development
  • Food skills development

Disability support sessions can be delivered online & in community. A typical session could include doing a yoga session, working through a personal development exercise, preparing a healthy smoothie or snack and going for a walk in nature.

NDIS Registered Disability Services

Our NDIS Funded Disability Services

Yogability Australia is a registered NDIS provider and delivers our NDIS funded programs Australia wide. Our supports are designed to improve the daily living of participants.

Our Core & Capacity Building NDIS funded disability supports & services include:

  • Assistance with self care
  • Improved Daily Living
  • Participation in Community, Social & Civic Activities
  • Individual Skills development
  • Individual Social Skills development
  • Overnight NDIS Respite Short Term Accommodation

Supports are personalised and are tailored to help participants reach their support goals. Give us a call or click the button below and submit an enquiry.

NDIS STA Respite Retreat Service Areas

NDIS STA Respite Retreat disability service provider Port Stephens service areas

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