NDIS Plan Management

Take the stress out of managing your NDIS funds and switch to a plan manager today.

Why use NDIS Plan Management?

Easy access to NDIS Providers

Plan management is the easiest way to manage your NDIS funding. Plan management is where a plan manager works with a participant and their carer when applicable to create goals to meet the needs of the participant. The plan manager then uses the goals to create a plan to achieve these goals.

NDIS fund management made easy

Plan managers help participants gain access to various NDIS providers. The core focus of a plan manager is to make disability supports more accessible for participants, especially from a financial and logistical perspective. Plan management removes the strain from carers or participants having to self manage their NDIS funding.

How Plan managers help achieve goals

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Review Participant Goals

One of Yogability Australias plan management partners will reveiw your goals and create a plan to help you achieve them.

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Find & Access NDIS Providers

Yogability Australia plan management partners will help you to gain access to various registered & non registered NDIS providers.

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Manage Provider Relationships

Our plan managers will manage the financial relationship with the various NDIS providers apart of the participants plan.

What is NDIS Plan Management?

NDIS funds management explained

To explain why Yogability Australia believe Plan management is the best option for participants to get the most out of their NDIS funding, it's best to explain what the 3 different NDIS fund mangement options are.

The three different options are:

  • Self Managed - Where the participant or carer manages the funds and provider relationships
  • Agency Managed - This is where a larger NDIS organisation manages the participants funds and provider relationship
  • Plan managed - When a participant is plan managed their, disability support plan is created and managed by a plan manager. This person is an NDIS provider with relevant qualifications. The plan manager is responsibile for managing the participant & NDIS provider relationships.

At Yogability Australia we believe that plan managers play a vital role in helping participants gain access to positive disability support & NDIS programs.