Disability Support with a difference

A fun approach to hygiene & food education.
If YogaRoo can do it so can you!

A fun approach to hygiene education

YogaRoo, the ideal role model!

At Yogability Australia we believe that participants should be empowered with the skills to look after their bodies. That's why in each week of our group and one to one MYCare sessions participants learn a new Hygiene skill. These skills are taught by our carers through our MYCare Hygiene Skills & Food Education booklet.

YogaRoo Educates to Empower

YogaRoo is a mascot that offers positive renforcement to the participants of the MYCare programs. YogaRoo leads by example showing the participants that they can learn the skills to take care of themselves. If YogaRoo can do it you can too!