National Disability Insurance Scheme

Yogability Australia, the leading NDIS provider and creator of Mindful Yoga Care (MYCare)

Yogability makes accessing the NDIS easy!

Increased Community Participation

Yogability Australias NDIS programs are a great way for participants to interact with the community in a positive way. Participants are taught to take better care of their body, mind & spirit. The interactive group or one to one MYCare sessions aim to empower the participant with healthy lifestyle skills.

Improved Daily Living

Yoga is great way for participants to get intouch with their bodies to improve their day to day lives. It can be used as a strategy to help self soothe & regulate negative behaviours & emotions, such as tantrums or anxiety. This is true for a variety of intellectual disabilities. Yoga combined with healthy lifestyle skills on food & hygiene are what make Yogability Australias programs unique & loved by participants.